RedBlue Project Promotes Finding a Third Way: Gay Marriage


More from the RedBlue project. Part of the reason why I think the tactic of rejecting extremes and finding a third way is so great is because it was a strategy that Jesus used. When asked whether or not his disciples should pay taxes by the religious leaders around him, Jesus was pushed into a situation of either saying "no" and alienating the Romans, or "yes" and alienating the Jews who felt that the Romans were occupiers and exploiters. Either answer would have caused him the wrong kind of trouble at the wrong time. Instead Jesus pointed out Caesar's image on the local coin and responded "Give to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's." In one short phrase he exposed the motives of the religious leaders, condemned them and showed the people around him how to worship. Brilliant.

So today I highlight RedBlue Project's spot on gay marriage.

Choice quotes:

"We'll shut the straight people out and we can really get this party started."
"I believe all the gay people should be loaded up and shipped off to France...You know it says that in the Bible.

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