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I wish Pat Robertson didn't command so much of the world's representation of Christianity. Here is my running list of some recent CNN headlines that he's been involved with:

Pat Robertson claims to outlift linebackers -- This is apparently an attempt to crossover from his religious base to the diet product market. This press release is closely tied to his new product "Pat's Diet Shake".

Robertson suggests God smote Sharon - After Sharon has a stroke.

Robertson: U.S. should assassinate Venezuela's Chavez - after Hugo Chavez takes control of Venezula

Pat Robertson's 'nuke' idea draws protest - after Robertson suggests blowing up the State Department (the U.S. State Department) with a nuclear bomb.

No casualties? White House disputes Robertson comment - After Robertson says that President Bush said there would be no casualties in Iraq.

It kind of all goes back to Noam Chomsky's observation that news has to be boiled down to extreme positions that are easily digested and categorized so that there is time for commercials and the products are viewed favorably because all the issues are neatly tied up before the break. Robertson is a perfect source of sound bites to make the issues appear easy. The funny thing is that what ends up happening is that the "issue" that is easy to understand is that Christians are nut-cases, their responses are idiotic, so let's dismiss them and Christ from the public square. I like Jim Wallis more than Pat Robertson. Unfortunately for prime time, though, he doesn't distill his comments into two minute chunks.

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