Welcome to our Fairy Overlords

mushroom yellow mushroom

I have no idea what in the world was going on in my office over the weekend, but when I showed up this morning there was a freaky-DisneyLand-invades-where-are-the-fairies mushroom growing in my *cactus* pot. Now typically I think of cacti as dry and mushrooms as wet, so I don't know what in the world this is all about. Furthermore, I didn't water anything on Friday. A picture of the primary mushroom is above, although there are siblings growing toward the back of the pot. Oooo - I said pot. Pot and mushrooms in the same blog entry. There goes my google ad account keyword index.

The only logical explanation is that a gang of malicious fairies is holding my computing resources hostage. They are causing my programs to not compile and my network connections to bog down. Because they are invisible 99% of the time, they had to communicate thier presence by planting Play-doh colored yellow mushrooms in my office.

Fortunately now that I understand that fairies are running rampant on campus it explains a lot of things. So, I for one, welcome our new fairy overlords.

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