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I just got back from traveling across the U.S. the day after the would-be terrorists with their gel and liquids tried to bring their explosives onto the plane. Furthermore my flight was from LAX to Logan in Boston, two of the most targeted airport locations. I have some observations about air travel now:

  • Even though gels and liquids are clearly prohibited on planes, there is no one actually checking to see that it is happening. I saw lots of people bring liquids on board the plane while casting a sideways glance at the trash cans set up for voluntary collection of contraband. No one is prepared to search for this stuff.
  • The carry-on space is nearly empty now. All those people who were trying to get away without checking a bag, can't anymore (according to the rules anyway). On my packed flight home, I was the only one with a carry-on in my bin.
  • The BodyShop and all those stores that sell liquor in the airports are hurting. Good luck making a profit on bottles of liquor and massage oil when your customers can't take them out of the store.

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