Bren Hall Brick Campaign

brick walk

The Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences is holding a fund raiser in which people can donate money to put their message on a brick in the entrance of Bren Hall. As a faculty member, I have participated in the project to show my support of the school and the new building. I donated a small brick.

The inscription that I asked to be put on the brick (3 lines at 20 characters per line) was this one:

Give us light, Thy
truth to see.Make us
wise in knowing Thee

It is a portion of an old hymn (~1889), which I love, called "We Have Not Known Thee As We Ought". The lyrics are thoughtful and compelling. When I read it, I think about God's revelation to humans: "Specific" revelation through the Bible and "General" revelation through creation. Understanding general revelation is the whole goal of science. So when I hear this song, it reads to me like a scientist who is crying out to God for forgiveness for not pursing the knowledge that he should have, for wasting the talents and abilities that God has given him or her, and for not taking the job of scientist seriously enough.

The flip side is that undertaking such a job is impossible apart from Christ. How can we be sufficient or do anything of value without Him working though us. We can't, because we must first be redeemed and we can't redeem ourselves.

Here is a sweet rendition of the song from Team Strike Force of Mars Hill Church, Seattle.

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