Laser Etching my Powerbook

Some might ask why would you laser etch your Powerbook? I would say because I'm never going to get a tattoo.

I went to Atlanta and GA Tech this weekend. They have some sweet toys! Since the opportunity was at hand, and I was very tired, and I had a couple hours to kill, this just sort of happened....

The design in based on the LUCI website


1. Starting the laser etch.Kind of nervous, why is it being lased all the way across!?!?

1.jpg 1.jpg

3.Laser glowing white where it is cutting a lot.

1.jpg 1.jpg 1.jpg

6. Don and Shwetak, grad student at GA tech and master of the etcher


7. Don and Shwetak


8. Close up of the don't-lase-the-plastic-thinking-its-aluminum zone

1.jpg 1.jpg

9. Starting the skyline


10. done lasing


Final product


11. Julie, the jedi knight, and Shwetak the jedi master with the finished product


12. Don, happy with final laptop


Back to work with my logo reaffixed

Then last but not least, a reduced quality version of the source image:

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