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A news aggregator is a program that is a little bit like an email reader program, but instead of reading emails, it lets you read headlines. The headlines are provided by lots of different sites in the form of RSS feeds. For example, the BBC news, Wired News, and most blogging software provide RSS feeds. Once a site has an RSS feed, and you have a news aggregator, if you want to keep up to date on news from lots of different sources (some of which might not be "news" in the traditional sense, but rather updates of any form), you fire up your news aggregator. It goes onto the web and collects all the new headlines and lets you scan them quickly. As you scan them you get a quick summary of the story and if you want the full story, then you click on the headline and a browser opens to the original site. This is much more efficient than checking every web site you are interested in continually. Speed-surfing...

Here is a site with lots of links to RSS feeds

Click on the image on the left to get Pulp Fiction or Pulp Fiction Lite (my preferred news aggregator), an RSS Aggregator.

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