Shaun of the Dead

What better way to await the arrival of one's offspring than by watching a zombie comedy? We saw "Shaun of the Dead" last weekend. I really thought it was great. Most of the pregnant people in the room were grossed out. Basic premise: British slacker and friends fight off zombie hordes.

Although most of the time the Focus on the Family's public face bothers me, they have a really good movie review site called, "Plugged In Online", which in the review of the movie makes the following comments:

"In the end, though, Shuan isn’t really about zombies. It doesn’t reveal how the zombie infestation started, and it doesn’t offer any sci-fi fixes to the problem. Instead, the story is always about Shaun’s struggle to be more than a zombie himself. Writer/star Simon Pegg told, 'In our film, if they're anything, [the zombies] stand in for apathy, and urban living, and becoming ... an anonymous automaton in a collective, where you don't have any identity.”"

Mars Hill also has a good film and theology deconstruction of the movie, here.


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