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I am swamped by email. I have so much of it, that it is starting to become not very useful to people sending things to me. Honestly I think the alternative is to batch process stuff in meetings. Rather than emailing everyone everything, bring it to the meetings which we have anyway and present it, decide on it and act on it then.

To see how bad my personal problem is, I graphed the age of emails in my inbox. The histogram is on the left. I think what this suggests is that there are three types of emails. Quick questions which are answered in 1-2 days, slow questions which are answered in 16 days (or less) and things which I can't easily respond to by email and they therefore don't get answered for months.

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The graph makes me think that you're well beyond this, but:

Posted by: Sam Kaufman at May 22, 2007 10:29 AM

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