Bren Hall Brick Campaign


In a previous blog entry I wrote about participating in a fund-raising campaign for the new Bren Hall which was dedicated yesterday. By giving a donation to the school, you get to etch a brick with a message that is placed in the walkway outside the school. On the left is the brick that I bought. Yes, there is a typo in the word "light" and they are working on that, but I'm happy to see my input engraved in the walk.

As I said in my previous blog entry:

"It is a portion of an old hymn (~1889), which I love, called "We Have Not Known Thee As We Ought". The lyrics are thoughtful and compelling. When I read it, I think about God's revelation to humans: "Specific" revelation through the Bible and "General" revelation through creation. Understanding general revelation is the whole goal of science. So when I hear this song, it reads to me like a scientist who is crying out to God for forgiveness for not pursing the knowledge that he should have, for wasting the talents and abilities that God has given him or her, and for not taking the job of scientist seriously enough."

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