I am pro-life and voting for Obama


I am adamantly pro-life. There is no other issue with which I align more closely to the traditional conservative platform than this one. I also like to think I am completely pro-life. To the point of almost being a pacifist. I don't think war, nuclear weapons, or poverty should be treated differently than abortion when it comes to pro-life thinking.

My foundation for pro-life thinking comes from my relationship with Christ, who I believe had the most radical and high-level understanding of being pro-life when he died on the cross to give us all life.

How then can I support Obama who is clearly pro-choice? Because I don't think the issue is pro-choice vs. pro-life. No one wants more abortions. The argument is not about whether abortion is good or bad. Abortion is bad and really no rational person disagrees. What rational people disagree on is what steps should be taken to prevent abortion. We argue about whether the steps to stop abortion are as bad or worse than abortion itself.

My personal opinion is that abortion should never be legal. Nonetheless I am voting for Obama because I don't think the fact that he is pro-choice is incompatible with being pro-life. Case in point, Clinton presided over one of the largest drops in abortions since abortions peaked after Roe vs Wade.

I put together the graph above to demonstrate that a president's stated pro-life/ pro-choice position has little impact on the number of abortions that are performed. So I extrapolate that voting against Obama on just the single issue of abortion is misguided when I agree with where he wants to take the country on other issues.

A good place to go to find the graphs and data underlying the composition above is the National Right to Life's statistics site located here.

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