Praying for Terrorists


This morning I found a breath of fresh air in the news cycle. A small website proposing that Christians react without fear to terrorism. In the proposal is the call to action that we should pray for a specific terrorist. I believe that when we ask God to intervene he hears us and responds. He can respond in the world, he can respond in our heart and he can respond in his heart. Trying to understand the specific causality in relation to a specific prayer is quite a project, but the Christian Scriptures acknowledge that prayer moves the hand and heart of God the way that a child asking a father moves the father's hand and heart. Not the way that a pagan's spell purports to move the natural world.

"Where is the Christian response to terrorism? If the struggle against violence done in the name of Islam is primarily spiritual, then defeating it requires a spiritual response.

This site features FBI and State Department identified terrorists and terrorism sponsors. Terrorism inspires fear. According to Jesus, the antidote to fear is love.

When we hate, we are reactive victims. When we love we seize the initiative. Love for country helps soldiers to risk their lives. Love for children enables parents to discipline them without being intimidated. Love for us took Jesus to the cross. Love for enemies will give courage to face, overcome, and transform them and the environment that breeds them. "

Source: Adopt a Terrorist for Prayer: Home

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