Props to Rick Warren

Major props for Rick Warren for navigating this tricky act of speaking out for compassion and justice without compromising his beliefs. It takes courage and vision to find a third way.

Rick Warren - Letter To The Pastors of Uganda from Dr. Rick Warren

"We are all familiar with Edmund Burke's insight that, "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." That is why I'm sharing my heart with you today. As an American pastor, it is not my role to interfere with the politics of other nations, but it IS my role to speak out on moral issues. It is my role to shepherd other pastors who look to me for guidance, and it is my role to correct lies, errors, and false reports when others associate my name with a law that I had nothing to do with, completely oppose, and vigorously condemn. I am referring to the pending law under consideration by the Ugandan Parliament, known as the Anti-Homosexuality Bill."

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