Don makes MIT Technology Review

This is cool, I just found out that MIT Technology Review published a report on my stuff. It actually made the print version! This is the Opportunity Knocks software that uses GPS to guide cognitively disabled people around. It’s also kind of cool that in addition to the real work, I took the picture that they used (although I don’t get credit for either anywhere – such is academia)

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4 Responses to Don makes MIT Technology Review

  1. Rita says:

    That is really great–It really mnakes me mad that they put Henry’s name in instead of yours–

  2. Aunt Kathy says:

    Don, is there a commercial opportunity here? It would seem that you should be able to market this. Great job. Aunt Kathy

  3. Don says:

    Maybe… I don’t know anything about commercializing something like this. I can’t imagine having enough time to do that right now, but I think we should probably at least patent it.

  4. Uncle Larry says:

    Don: we need to apply this to ships. If you can record where I take the ships for three weeks, then I can replay the route tell the next ship I am on to follow the previous route.

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