Falmouth Firefighters 9-11 memorial

There is a brick dedicated to Grandpa Palmer in the Falmouth Firefighter’s 9/11 Memorial.

Hi Mike, I wanted to share this photo with you and your family. I consider myself very lucky to have known your dad. Even more honored to spend some time over the last 6 years hanging out with him while I did some work around the compound. Ted could tell a good story, but he was not a story teller. Every time he talked about the fire department, it came from his heart. The stories were always the same, without any exaggeration. Over the years he game me some of his fire department trinkets. Ones I hope to hand down to my son some day.

That being said, your mom stopped by a few weeks ago to drop a donation off. It was nice to send a few minutes with her. I hope without objection you will accept my gift to your family by permanently engraving Ted’s name into our new Firefighter 9-11 Memorial.

Please stop by some time to take in the total project.


Russ Ferreira

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