Heights House on VRBO

Heights House Listing

Heights House Listing

Andrea put the Heights House up on VRBO. The listing is pretty funny.

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Andrea and Nate are expecting number six!

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Falmouth Firefighters 9-11 memorial

There is a brick dedicated to Grandpa Palmer in the Falmouth Firefighter’s 9/11 Memorial.

Hi Mike, I wanted to share this photo with you and your family. I consider myself very lucky to have known your dad. Even more honored to spend some time over the last 6 years hanging out with him while I did some work around the compound. Ted could tell a good story, but he was not a story teller. Every time he talked about the fire department, it came from his heart. The stories were always the same, without any exaggeration. Over the years he game me some of his fire department trinkets. Ones I hope to hand down to my son some day.

That being said, your mom stopped by a few weeks ago to drop a donation off. It was nice to send a few minutes with her. I hope without objection you will accept my gift to your family by permanently engraving Ted’s name into our new Firefighter 9-11 Memorial.

Please stop by some time to take in the total project.


Russ Ferreira

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Road Race Photos

Alayna took some great FRR pictures and posted them on Facebook here:

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Sippewissett Invite

Walter writes:

Hey everybody

As usual, we are pretty excited about another road race year. Like other years, we are planning to meet on Saturday night at 6 PM at Sippewissett Beach for supper. Everyone is welcome and should feel free to bring anyone else. Plan to bring the food you will eat and anything to drink. We will plan our running strategy and watch the sun set. Its usually a blast — and improtant event not to miss. See you there


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Biggest Loser has kicked off



If you wanted a chance to win the Pig Trophy, get in on the Biggest Loser contest.  See this Facebook page.

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Is someone engaged? I think so

Rumor has it Tommy Walrath and Kylie are engaged!

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Springfield Tornado avoids Walter… barely

Kathy writes:

Hi, you probably have seen pictures on the news showing blown out windows at the Springfield College dormitories.  We have received many emails and phone calls so I thought I would send this out.

Walter was at the College when the tornado hit.  He said that he looked out the window and saw a tree falling and realized that he and his coworkers had to seek safe shelter. Many trees came down but fortunately, noone was hurt.  The campus is a mess.  Many very old trees are down.  Building damage was centered at the two dormitories.  He can’t get back on campus as everything is closed and classes are cancelled.

Today he is going to his office in W. Springfield that he uses for his private practice.  Typical of Walter, he has on his running shoes, because he thinks he will have to walk.  His office was a block from a seriously affected area.

There is an entire area of Springfield that is being bulldozed.  He is concerned because at least one of his clients lives in the area.

It’s humbling to realize how one minute can change so much of your life.  This tornado gave us first-hand experience of this.


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Linking this blog to Facebook

I’m going to be moving this blog to a cheaper location on the Internet.
When I do that I’m going to connect it to this Facebook page:
So blog entries will be cross-posted there also.

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Trunk or Treat


Kate writes:

“This picture was taken at Trunk or Treat ( a Halloween celebration) at Cape Cod Church in Falmouth. The family that we are with is our cousin Tara and her husband Steve. Tara is Melanie McDonald’s daughter, Melanie McDonald for anyone who doesn’t know is the daughter of Uncle Russ (Grampa’s brother.) Tara went to Notre Dame with Larry and Tara’s husband Steve was in the Navy with Larry at Notre Dame. Tara and Steve live off Cape but have a second home in West Falmouth. They go to Cape Cod Church when they are in Falmouth. Tara and I were thrilled when we ran into each other at church the first time, and we have seen each other there a few times since then. FYI Andrea- I was a cow, very low budget costume-white tyvec suit from Home Depot, sew on black felt spots, throw a cowbell around your neck, and you are good to go. I used it last year without the spots and I was a missing person on a milk carton. dalmation next year. Mike can be the fire hydrant.”

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