Christmas List Process Review

Lilly writes:


Last night I drew names for Christmas. I will type up the list tonight and send it out to everyone. I was wondering what people thought about discontinuing the Christmas exchange for the 3rd generation. The Mullin family did this last year and I think that it worked out well for everyone (that way the people with kids will not have to buy so many gifts). So, the siblings and the cousins would still exchange gifts, but the kids in the Theo, Joy, Dylan, etc generation would not.

Let me know what you all think…



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One Response to Christmas List Process Review

  1. Andrea Verwys says:

    I think that is a great idea and maybe we can reconsider next year. The reason I think it is a great idea is not because I am having another baby but because last year I gave to Theo (or he gave to us?) We already give within our own families so it was a little redundant.

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