Palmer Clan Gifts Exchange

The gift exchange is currently in flux as we decide who is and isn’t participating in it….

Maybe a nice alternative would be if we all contributed to give a gift to someone else as a family. That way we wouldn’t be “killing a family tradition”, just adapting it to a changing family.

That way people who would like to continue to be involved could work together on something that reflects the great things about Christmas without doing a gift exchange.

We could come up with a process of deciding who we should give the gift to as a family instead.
We could do it through organizations like:



Those are some of my favorites…., but we would have to pick together.

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2 Responses to Palmer Clan Gifts Exchange

  1. Don Patterson Jr. says:

    That’s a great idea in that, in the spirit of Christmas, as a family we would be giving to others in need. You have my “yes” vote. Dad.

  2. Andrea and Nate says:

    I like Agathos but I know that Samaritians Purse lets you buy a donkey for a family. Alayna told me about them. We would do whatever though, that sounds fine. Kelsey made out this year!!

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