2003 Christmas Exchange List

The 2003 Christmas Exchange List is hereby announced:

Giver –> Receiver
The old generation:
Larry –> Don
Flora –> Walter
Rita –> Mike
Don –> Larry
Kathy –> Flora
Walter –> Rita
Karen –> Nancy
Rick –> Kathy
Mike –> Karen
Nancy –> Rick

The fresh young generation:
Larry –> Owen
Tuck –> Sandy
Dylan –> Molly
Kate –> Don
Mike –> Adam
Gabrielle –> Jeff
Don –> Dylan
Sandy –> Lilly
Theo –> Andrew
Joy –> Mike
Brian –> Kate
Alayna –> Gabrielle
Bryce –> Gary
Andrea –> Kelsey
Nate –> Margaret
Lilly –> Joy
Gary –> Andrea
Owen –> Tuck
Jeff –> Alayna
Andrew –> Nate
Molly –> Elizabeth
Kelsey –> Theo
Adam –> Larry
Elizabeth –> Brian
Margaret –> Bryce

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3 Responses to 2003 Christmas Exchange List

  1. A. Flora says:

    I want to thank Lilly for assuming this job every year. This custom is fun and looked forward to by many of us and Lilly derserves high praise for keeping it going. Keep up the good work Lilly.

  2. Nancy says:

    May I make a suggestion for next year, which seems so far away! We could have three different swaps one for the adults parents of the nieces and nephews, one for the cousins and the third for the great grandchildren. I am interested in your comments!

  3. Andrea says:

    Great idea Nancy! I am dying trying to find something for Margaret. Any last minute ideas???

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