Larry visits Seattle

Courtesy of the U.S. Navy’s fighter training program, Larry II recently had the opportunity to visit Seattle with one of his trainee’s, John. In addition to seeing the local sights such as the Space Needle and the San Michelle winery, they had a chance to grab dinner with Don, Sandy, Theo and Joy.

We all had dinner at Maggie’s, which is a burger place with a great view of downtown Seattle. Although John picked the location it is actually co-located with another restaurant called Palisade which is where Sandy and I were engaged! So Larry got to see the locale where I proposed to Sandy.

That’s the good part, the bad part is that about ten minutes into dinner, Theo threw up all over the table. Not just a little, but a whole huge firehose of vomit :) It kind of reminded me of the movie “Stand by Me” which has a funny throw-up scene in it. I immediately whisked Theo off to the restroom, leaving Sandy, Larry, and John to deal with table. Sandy remarked that it was nice to have two Navy guys around. Unlike the standard Seattle male representative, they were apparently much more helpful at cleaning up the mess and “solving the problem” then she was used to. (Husband excepted of course).

So we did our best to keep a good spin on the situation, and visited for a little bit longer, but eventually Theo couldn’t take it any longer and we cut the evening short so that the Navy guys could catch a hockey game at Key Arena

It was a high-drama rendezvous, but we’re glad we got to see Larry however briefly. I can’t imagine what John thought. Ha! He’ll never have kids now…

Here are a couple of marginal quality photos.

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6 Responses to Larry visits Seattle

  1. Nate says:

    I want to see the firehose picture!

  2. DJP III says:

    Well, actually the thought occurred to me to take a picture at the moment, but propriety won out.

  3. Andrea says:

    Everyone tells us these stories AFTER I am pregnant.

  4. A. Flora says:

    It warms my heart to see the cousins keeping in touch with each other. I know we all love and enjoy each other very much but when the effort is made I know that the feelings are reinforced in everyone. I love all of you. A. Flora

  5. Kathy says:

    I am also glad to see that you take the time to stay connected. I hope that Theo is ok because that can be so traumatic for a little child.
    I remember once when I enthusiastically took over Larry’s paper route. I went into a nursing home to collect the money (now it is the Shore Way Acres). When I held out my hand to get paid, I threw up all over these poor elderly people!! I can still remember how embarrassed I felt.

  6. Nana Patterson says:

    My heart went out to Theo. He must have felt so bad about the situation. I’m so glad you were kind to him and took him home early.
    In spite of what happened, I’m sure it was great to see Larry. Nana Patterson

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