Sponsor a Palmer on a Hunger Walk

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Karen used the new multimedia Palmer Clan phone entry system, and left the following message:

Hi Don Patterson, this is Karen Palmer-Laine, just calling to do a message for our Palmer Clan.

Kelsey Laine and I are going to do a 20 mile walk for hunger Sunday in Boston with Kelsey’s youth group from church and if anyone would like to sponsor us they can leave a message [in the comments below]. (Make checks to Karen Palmer-Laine) We would greatly appreciate it.

We hope this will help take our minds off of everything else that is going on.

I hope everyone is well. We’ll talk to you soon. Bye.

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5 Responses to Sponsor a Palmer on a Hunger Walk

  1. Andrea, N & G says:

    Hi Aunt K and K,
    Nate and I will sponser you both for 75 cents a mile. Let us know if you both end up doing 40!

  2. Aunt Flora says:

    Hi Karen and Kelsey, Uncle Larry and I wish you both good luck as you walk for the hungry. We will sponsor each of you for $25. I’ll put the checks in the mail tomorrow. Thank you both for your consideration of those less fortunate than ourselves. We love you both, Uncle Larry and Aunt Flora

  3. Nancy and Michael says:

    Hi Karen and Kelsey.
    We will sponsor you both for 25.00 each. Good Luck and wear great shoes! Love, Nancy, Michael and the kids! P.S. Adam is in Beauty and the Beast at the Falmouth Theater Guild! Great show and tickets still available. Let me know if you can make it!

  4. Lilly and Gary says:

    Hello Karen and Kelsey-
    Gary and I will sponsor you both for $25.00 each. Good luck and have fun!!!!

  5. Rita says:

    I’m having trouble posting a message so I am trying it this way. Don and I would like to pledge $25.00 each to Karen and Kelsey for their walk-a-thon. Karen said they completed the race–Yea!! Aunt Rita

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