Kelsey Rushes Nancy’s Sorority

From Kelsey

“hi Donnie!!

So I have a little bit of news I was hoping you could post on the website. I just finished sorority recruitment at UMASS Amherst and I am offically a new member pledge in Aunt Nancy’s old sorority, Iota Gamma Upsilon!!! It’s really exciting because I’m one of the only two girls who is a legacy!! (Legacy meaning someone in your family was in the sorority.) I’m really excited and this picture is of the new girls and me at Friendlys on bid night!! I hope everyone is well out there in Cali! i miss y’all!!



Hurray for Kelsey!!!


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One Response to Kelsey Rushes Nancy’s Sorority

  1. Anonymous says:

    Such a cute picture Kelsey. You look really happy.
    Love, Aunt Rita

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