Jack turns one


Kate writes:

Jack started his birthday last night when Nana and Grampa got home from Florida. They came over to visit my dad. We all had dinner, cake, and sang happy birthday to Jack. After Jack went to bed last night mommy and daddy turned his car seat around. Today he will find out what he has been missing as I’m sure Gabrielle will be pointing out all the big trucks and “cool” buses. Today Jack, Gabrielle, daddy, and mommy will all be celebrating together starting with Gabrielle’s tumbletime class, then a ride on the carousel, then who knows what the night will bring! We are very proud of our healthy and handsome 1 year old!

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2 Responses to Jack turns one

  1. Dad says:

    So Cute!

  2. Jennifer Post says:

    Wow….A year has gone by quickly! What a cute 1 year old!

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