Uncle Larry on Uncle Larry

Uncle Larry files this report on Uncle Larry. [ha! I’m so funny -don]


Hi, It’s 7 o’clock on Monday night, this is Uncle Larry speaking directly from Beth Israel Deaconess medical center room #618. This is an update to go on the web page.

I want to thank everybody for all their calls, cards and flowers. I received a basket today from the Boston Pilots. A basket of cookies on a stick. I can’t eat them, but the staff sure loves them here at the hospital.

Right now we’re approaching the end of day number 5 in the recovery. We finished the operation at 10 o’clock on Wednesday night so this is actually 3 hours before the end of day number five in recovery.
We expect to be here a total of eight days in recovery and then go home. Dr. Vollmeir [best guess at spelling -don] came in today to visit me around 11 o’clock and told me that he thought the pathology report will be back tomorrow.

And that’ll be Tuesday he’ll be in to talk to me as soon as he gets it to tell whether we’re going to have to have chemotherapy or what the next step in my recovery is going to be

We expect to be out of here on day number eight.
And the recovery is going great.

I was disconnected from the IV today and my pain medicine on the push button was stopped. So I’m all disconnected.
I’m walking around five times a day and using the “lung breather” to make sure my lungs are strong.
And doing a lot of walking.

We’re hoping to start passing fluids easily now. [TMI -don]
Hoping to .. it’s funny to say this….Hoping to have a bowel movement before I say that I’m on my way to recovery and getting out of here. [way way TMI -don]

Again I want to thank everybody for all their prayers, for all their calls. for all their cards and just say that I’m recovering at a quick rate of speed well ahead of the curve.
I’m well on schedule to get out of the hospital this week
Tomorrow will be a big day when we find out whether we actually have cancer or not. We expect that it will probably be cancer but we’re not sure till the pathology report comes back. So tomorrow we are going to get the word on that and see what the next treatment is going to be if there’s going to be any.

Right now I want to thank everybody and hope Donnie can get this up on the web page so everybody can see it.
My love and prayers an thank-you to everybody that’s been praying for me

Flora is here in the room and she has been here with me since Day 1. She’s my personal attendant as always for the last 36 years. and I just want to say that I couldn’t be in better hands by having her here with me.

I love you all. Bye-bye.

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