Joy on the Today Show

Joy was filmed yesterday for a Today Show segment which is going to air in July. The segment has nothing to do with us, or Joy, but she’s going to be background footage for the story. The story is about a Seattle photographer who takes pictures of terminally ill kids and their families as a way to help the family deal with the eventual loss to their family. Kind of bittersweet story – but who cares! We’re on T.V.!

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2 Responses to Joy on the Today Show

  1. Alayna says:

    Can we have a little more info here? How’d you get into this one? Is the photographer a friend?

  2. DJP3 says:

    Sandy just happened to be at a popular park in Seattle when the camera crews showed up and starting looking for someone to film as background. We had heard of the photographer before, but don’t know him/her. It was almost completely just an issue of being in the right place at the right time.

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