L.A. Trip

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So this weekend the O.C. Pattersons decided to take a little car trip into L.A. You know, get out of the suburbs catch a little culture – whatever. So overall we had a good time, but it was kind of like we had entered a movie, not just Hollywood.

It started with this major car-fire on the road in front of us.

Then we found a store called “Theodore” in Beverly Hills. This was just a stones throw from Rodeo Drive and in the shadow of the big Hollywood sign.

Then we ended up eating lunch at a neat spot called the “Famer’s Market.” It was a lot like Pike Place Market in Seattle, but a little smaller. A little touristy, but still had produce being sold and some *really* good Mexican food. Unfortunately for the kids we weren’t able to get the one thing we had on our list for this trip which was a pinata for Joy’s birthday. So, we’re thinking of going to a part of L.A. that is a little more dangerous, but has lots of pinatas. Of course after seeing the car fires, we wonder what “a little more dangerous” means exactly.

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One Response to L.A. Trip

  1. Nate says:

    Are you sure you really weren’t in a movie shoot with that car fire?

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