Julius has landed


Hi, everyone. Really fast thing update. We are hosting a boy from the Philippines for a month. His name is Julius. He is 12 years old. This is a picture after he arrived and all the boys went out and got haircuts at my fancy-pants salon. He is from an orphanage in Manila. At the end of November he will be going home. He is part of a group of 18 kids that are doing the same thing he is in something called the “Welcome Home” program being run by International Christian Adoptions out of Temecula (south of Irvine).

We are really excited to have him here. He is exhausted from the travel, but being a trooper. Very quiet and reserved so far. His main language is Tagalog, but he understands (and can read) quite a bit of English.

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5 Responses to Julius has landed

  1. Andrea and Nate says:

    Were the haircuts free?

  2. DJP3 says:

    Definitely not. If I had my act together I might have wheedled some free ones out of them.

  3. Andrea and Nate says:

    The spider webs in the background are weird too!! We think Julius looks like you.

  4. DJP3 says:

    The funny thing is that several people have said that about Julius. Hard to tell which one is my bio-kid without seeing Sandy.

  5. Rita says:

    After only 24 hours he is already starting to smile. Fancy-pants salon must have been so foreign to him. Nan P.

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