Brian jumps from the sinking ship that is CIBER

Brian writes:

I’m leaving my old job at CIBER and on Monday I will be starting work for a new company called K. Hovnanian
( K. Hovnanian is the 7th largest home builder in America and is based out of Red Bank, NJ. I will be working in the Landover, MD office doing back-end financial systems analysis and business intelligence for the company. They won’t give me a hammer, but they agreed to give me a database. My current email address is and my old address at ciber ( won’t work anymore.
See you at the Road Race!

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2 Responses to Brian jumps from the sinking ship that is CIBER

  1. Mike Fredericks says:

    Best of luck in your new job! Always good to leave on your terms and not theirs. Are you using Brio, Business Objects, or something else?

  2. Brian says:

    I’ve used Cognos in the past, but I’ll be using some software called Express from Oracle on this job. I’ve worked with K. Hovnanian as a consultant in the past, so I know their company and they know me.

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