Larry gets his driver’s license

Larry (II) writes:

“I’m chipping in some news for the website. This past weekend I travelled to Jasper, AL for 4 days of written tests and flight tests with the FAA. At the end of the weekend I was officially licensed by the US Government as an ‘Airline Transport Pilot’. This is the highest license that one can achieve in aviation. I took the flight test with an FAA examiner on Monday in a Piper Seminole after two practice flights on Saturday. Everything went fine with no apparent damage to persons or property. Now there’s just the ‘small’ matter of getting an airline to hire me! I’m planning to apply to Southwest, America West, Alaska, Comair, and any other company that I find out is hiring.
Have a great weekend. Go Patriots!!! ”

Does anyone know anyone in the airline industry who is hiring? (Besides, perhaps, Leo Mullin Uncle Lee)

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4 Responses to Larry gets his driver’s license

  1. Brian Patterson says:

    Congrats! I hope they gave you a big bag of peanuts!

  2. A. Flora says:

    There’s no question that as the eldest Palmer cousins, Don and Larry “have set the bar” extraordinarily high for everyone else. Nice work guys!!! You make us proud.

  3. Andrea says:

    Nate and I are a little biased, but we really like Midwest Airlines. They give out good snacks, fresh baked cookies, and have leather seats. I think you should work there!!

  4. Aunt Kathy says:

    Larry, Congratulations. This sounds like a great accomplishment and definitely a resume builder. Unfortunately, “Uncle Lee” will be looking for a job as well. You could do a job search together!!! On a more serious note, always go for a job that interests you. The money doesn’t matter as it will follow. Good luck. Aunt Kathy

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