Town Hall

Town Hall185.jpg

Mike in the seat of power!

On May 20, 2003 in the Falmouth Town Election Mike Palmer won the race for Town Clerk. Vote totals as follows

Total ballots cast 6306
Michael C. Palmer 3992: 69.99%
Ellen A. Seith 1705: 29.89%

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3 Responses to Town Hall

  1. Andrea says:

    I am so proud of Uncle Mike. We are now one step closer to being like the Kennedys!
    I just wanted to update everyone on my road race training status. I am up to 34 minutes easily and happily…except when it is raining, I don’t like to go out running. That has pretty much been the past month. I am very excited though because the Bride is going to run this year…aka Lilly.

  2. Don III says:

    Who is the other person in the photo? (Not the one with the earring, or the camera)

  3. Michael Palmer says:

    That’s the new Town Clerk and the old Town Clerk and gramma in the front row with the earring.
    Jackie and Nancy!!!!!
    New campaign slogan “We like Mike”

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