Uncle Mike Recap from Nancy

Good Morning Everyone,

We have all experienced a health worldwind and only one more step toward a successful completion. Firstly, thank you to everyone whom is on this list! Our family has received so much support we can never express our gratitude enough to each and everyone of you. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

Michael went into surgery on Wednesday at 12:00 noon and we were successfully contacted at 1:00 that the lymph nods were negative in his trachea and the surgery would proceed, it took one hour to put the breathing tube in and they began the surgery. First they cleaned up the scar tissue which surrounded the outside of the lung which was created by the numerous pneumonias Michael has experienced. Then they removed the upper left lobe of his lung. There are two lobes in the left lung and the upper which was removed is less than half because the upper is slightly smaller that the lower. The lingula which is the vessel which leads to the lobe was removed because this is the area of the growth and the cancer. The lung lobe is now being sent to the pathologist for further study but the doctor feels that the lobe if any present would have been removed and no further treatment will be necessary. We are still hoping for that to be negative.

Michael is comfortable and will appreciate a short call, he is there today and I will not be going up. The number to give him a short call is – 617-632-1813. I stress short because the Doctors and the Nurses are in all the time and if he says he has to go, it is because there are treatments and health care he is receiving. Michael had his chest tube removed last night and the epidural is still in, fortunately! He has been pain free from the surgery until now. The pain Doctors meet with him frequently ( wonder why!). He has a catheter and low doses of oxygen. Once the epidural is removed the recovery will begin.

As a Cape Codder, I have always lived that thought that whatever we need can be taken care of on Cape Cod. After experiencing what we have in Boston I will now be the Boston Medical Care Advocate! The hospital is wonderful, the Doctors remarkable and the nurses in Cardiac Surgical Care Unit, unbelievable! Our doctor deserves the Academy Award equivalent for the best in the business award. He called me three times during the 8 long hours of surgery and greeted me upon the completion of the surgery. He visited Michael three times the following day and twice the following day in between surgeries.I was told that he was the surgeon who the specialists call in for specialized surgury within the specialty. I can not say enough about him, Dr. Ashiku!

I would like to say thank you all of you but recognize a few unsound heroes throughout this whole worldwide. Thank you to Larry, Flora , Kate and Mike for their love and support throughout this roller coaster ride, they handled the e-mails to you all and helped us keep our emotions in check to tell the family, especially Ted and Eileen. Karen, the woman of boundless energy, thank you so much for stepping up to the plate and taking the kids for four loooonnnggg days. Thank you Little Tommy for taking care of the new addition to our family, I did not think Charlie would come home after ice cubes in his water and a carry up the heights stairs to go to bed. I thank all of your for the continued love, prayers and kind words of encouragement, you will always be remembered for that.

Michael will probably be home on Tuesday or Wednesday. The doctor said four to six weeks of recovery but he also stated that he has never operated on anyone his age with this cancer so we will see. His spirits are good and he will have the phone next to him in the living room chair.

Pass on this [url] to anyone who has asked about Michael so they can also read the update.

Love Nancy Palmer

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