Uncle Larry is a Tree-Hugger

The tireless reporters at the Palmer Clan blog recently unearthed some startling news: NOAA awarded Uncle Larry an “Environmental Hero” award during this most recent Earth Day. And would you believe it’s for saving the whales?
Details are here (Broken link = href=”http://w3.noaa.gov/earthday/). Excerpt below:

Northeast Marine Pilots Association, Newport, R.I. : The education and outreach accomplished by the Newport, R.I.-based Northeast Marine Pilots Association, at no cost to the public, has been a significant contribution to mitigating right whale ship collisions in the northeast USA. The education foundation being laid by the association is an invaluable asset to NOAA’s efforts to ensure the conservation and protection of these endangered whales.

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One Response to Uncle Larry is a Tree-Hugger

  1. Kathy says:

    Larry, I am very proud of you! I had heard about your efforts last summer when I met a friend of Debbie Miskell’s. I forget her name but I do remember how enthusiastic she was about you. I felt honored to be your sister. Kathy

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