Update on Uncle Mike 3.5

7:36 PM Friday June 20, 2003

I just returned from Boston with Nancy and Adam. Mike had the bronchoscopy today. When he returned to his room he had a very very bad migraine headache that caused him to throw up. I saw two nurses, two doctors, and one 4th year medical student name Susan Goo. Susan gave me more information than either of the doctors. The head doctor was very concerned about the migraine and the throwing up. He did a real complete exam of Mike(eyes, muscles, talk about type of throw up) and then gave him medication that put him to sleep.
When they did the procedure today they took a significant part of the mass on his lung out for biopsy. Behind the mass they found the infection that was causing his illness. That part of his lung was collapsed. They are going back in on Monday for another bronchoscopy to get the rest of the mass. So Mike is staying in Boston at least through Monday and maybe Tuesday.
Best Regards, Uncle Larry

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