Dylan is 2 today

Lawrence Dylan Palmer is 2 years old today.

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5 Responses to Dylan is 2 today

  1. Uncle Larry says:

    The table that the train is on was made by his Father. Nice job.
    Love Harold

  2. Don says:

    I’m impressed with the table (and the young man behind it :) ). That’s a great idea. Those tables are so ridiculously expensive.

  3. Sandy says:

    He looks so much like Adam in this picture! Happy Birthday big boy!!!

  4. Gramma (Flora) says:

    I’m reminded of a very similar photo taken about 25 years ago of Dylan’s daddy in front of the train table that his daddy made for him. Such is the love of a wonderful father for his sweet little boy. xoxox

  5. Larry III says:

    I would be happy to send the parts list and plans to any other Daddys who need to build a Thomas the Train table…

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