Updates on Elise and Alexandra

10:26 pm [Yesterday]
Hey all…
After a 2 hour break this afternoon (to let the baby rest) the induction is back on track. Elise has her epidural in place and the doctor broke her water at about 9:45. The projected delivery time is between 2-5 am but you never can tell about these things. Elise is taking a nap and I will try to do the same. It’s tough though with all the monitors in here – I feel like if I take my eyes off of them I’ll miss something!

1:34 am
To those hearty souls still up (and those who will catch the highlights in the morning)…
No more naps for us. Labor stats at 1:15 were 7cm and -2 sta. That means baby time is an hour or so away if things continue to progress. We’re wide awake and waiting for the next nurse-check at 1:45. Next update should include a name, weight, and picture so we’ll talk to you then!

4:23 am

Hey everybody!!!

Alexandra Elise Palmer

Born July 13, 2004

3:06 am

7 lbs 13 oz / 20 in

Riley Hospital, Constitution Ave, Meridian, MS

Both Mom and baby are in perfect shape. Room and phone #’s to follow once we get to our permanent room.
Thank you for all the prayers and kind messages!!!

What did people do before the Internet ? -Don

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3 Responses to Updates on Elise and Alexandra

  1. Brian Patterson says:

    Congratulations! I love the name!

  2. Lilly says:

    Congrats!!! I am with Brian – the name is awesome. I am glad that everyone is doing well and know that we are thinking about you!!!

  3. Gramma (Flora) says:

    Our littlest granddaughter is precious. We can’t wait to cuddle her and watch her grow. Thank you, Tuck and Larry, for giving her to us. We love you…

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