Notre Dame Football / Cancer Update

From Uncle Larry,

“Larry E. and I traveled to South Bend, IN last weekend(8-31-2007) to see the 1st Notre Dame game of the season. We managed to get great seats, 7 rows up at the 20 yard line, on real seats not a bench. See the picture attached.

It occurred to me after talking to Don and Sandy on their way home from the road race this year that all the information about my cancer might not be getting out to the Family. I don’t like to talk about negative things. I prefer to stand up with a smile and try to show all of you how to handle adversity. But for the sake of good order I will tell all of you that I have stopped chemotherapy because it was not doing any good. On February 21, 2007 my doctor gave me 3 months to 18 months to live. I beat the 3 month mark and I feel like I can go a lot longer enjoying the time I have left. I stopped work completely on February 22, 2007 and I now even have time to go to a bible study group with my good friend Bob Galaska once a week. I ask you to pray for me and Flora to give us the strength to be patient and to be brave.

Flora is at my side day and night being my nurse. She is showing everyone what it means in the marriage vows when they say “for better or for worse”. She certainly did not run from the worse of our marriage which is cancer. We are planning on traveling this winter at least one week each month to warm weather. The other 3 week will be devoted to our Grandchildren.

I want to end this by saying how proud I am to be your Father, Uncle, and Grandfather.”

(some pictures were lost during website transition)

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2 Responses to Notre Dame Football / Cancer Update

  1. Andrea and Nate says:

    Uncle Larry, We are praying for you! You are such an inspiration. Love, your favorite niece Andrea

  2. Andrea and Nate says:

    You two look like leprocahns. Wish I could have been there too. Love, Your Favorite Sister Rita

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