Help Andrea with her License Plate

Andrea writes:

“I am trying to figure out a vanity plate for my car. Could you please ask people to submit ideas on the Palmer Blog? …

These are the requirements:

8 digits but if you use all of them, one must be a dash, &, or a space.

For example: luv-nate or luv nate

The basic ones like:

“ice crem” are taken

So if someone could think of something creative.

You can get a heart before the words but then you can only have 6 digits
and one must be a space or dash.”

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3 Responses to Help Andrea with her License Plate

  1. Don says:

    “I (heart) Nate”

  2. Don says:


  3. Andrea says:

    Thanks so much for helping me with this. It is only $10 in VA to get a vanity plate. I want a really cool one. I like the heart idea. The heart costs $25 though because they donate it to some charity.

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