Diaper Derby

On February 12th, Fair Oaks Mall in Fairfax sponsored the “Diaper Derby”. It was a multiple heat baby race and the winner won a cruise! Andrea provides the following report:

Grace and her cousin Audrey were in the Diaper Derby.

The diaper derby was really fun. All 110 babies were there between the ages of 1 month and 14 months. At the starting line, they had to go from one parent to another parent. They had about 9 heats and each heat had 10 babies. Audrey and Grace were really funny. Audrey didn’t leave the starting block but mainly because she couldn’t see Alayna on the other side. Gracie left the starting block but got distracted by the Babies R Us poster on the sidelines. Neither one won the cruise but they both got T shirts. A 13 1/2 months old baby won and he flew to the finish line.

Grace was in 2nd place for the 1st foot but got distracted with the baby in the “Babes R Us” poster next to her. She is the baby with the red pants, Nate is right behind her with the navy blue shirt. We didn’t win the cruise but we did get a Diaper Derby T-shirt. One baby fell asleep on the mat…it was so fun to watch. A 13 1/2 month old baby won.

note: we lost some pictures in the transfer of this post.

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