Grace in the Paper

From Andrea:

Viewpoints: What is the most important thing you learned from your father?

“How to read.”

Grace Verwys, 6, Vienna (in Vienna Connection newspaper)

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Andrew is engaged!

Photo of ring disappeared from the internet. :(

Andrew writes with this exciting news:

“Hi Donnie!

Well, I am sure you have heard that Nicole and I are engaged! I wanted to shoot you over the story (its funny) of how it happened! I believe there’s a great picture of the ring on facebook that Andrea could get over to you…

It was a beautiful day in Boston, 80 degrees and not a cloud in the sky and I thought I would head down to Piney Point Beach in Marion before we went to my parents house for Easter. Well, the weather in Marion is apparently a bit different than it is up in Boston because as we arrived at the beach, it was 48 degrees, foggy with cloud cover. I told Nicole that I hadn’t been to that beach in a while and thought it would be nice to stop by… She was a bit annoyed that I wanted her to get out of the car because it was so cold and rejected the idea at first because she did not have her jacket. I handed her my sweatshirt that I thankfully had in the car and we got out… As we walked up to the beach I had a blanket, two wine glasses and a small bottle of wine. She was very confused as to why I brought wine, but also thought it was cute that I had planned a little picnic. We walked up to the sand,we looked out at the water for a minute and she turned around and started walking to the car saying, “I’m cold and hungry, lets go eat dinner.” I had to convince her to come back and I got down on one knee and proposed to her. She didn’t believe it was real at first and when she did, the flood gates opened and the tears were flowing… After about 10 minutes she finally said yes.

Hope everyone is well! Talk to you soon!”

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It’s another girl!

Welcome Anna Renee Patterson! Born about 9:30 East Coast time. about 7lbs 3oz. about 20.5 long.

Units and data are all approximate since Brian begrudgingly gave them to me. As is the spelling of Renee. Is there an accent? Who knows? What units are we using for 20.5? We may never know…


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It’s a girl!

Welcome Ellen Faith Verwys!

12/10/2009 8:08pm

8lbs 14oz.

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Uncle Mike takes the plunge

From Rita:

“Michael Palmer is officially engaged to Marie O’Connor as of today October 14,09. Word has it that he did get down on his knees to pop the question but at the same time fearful that he wouldn’t make it back up!!”

Congratulations Uncle Mike!

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Cooking Class in Vermont

From Kathy:

” Lil and I spent a really fun day at the King Arthur baking school in Vermont learning how to make pies and tarts. Kathy”

Some photos lost in blog transition

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Flora and Kate in Falmouth Enterprise being baptised


Looks like Kate has picked up a trick or two from Andrea about how to get in the newspaper!

Here is a picture from the Falmouth Enterprise of Kate and/or Flora being baptized with the Cape Cod Church. Maybe Gabriella and Margaret/Elizabeth is in the photo too?

Congratulations on the baptism (not just on getting in the paper). :)

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Photo Op


Andrea, Rita and Grace made the Washington Post!

Second Photo

Bluemont Holds 40th Annual Fair –

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Cebu is cheap now

The Palmer Clan blog is going All-Patterson-all-time for the next 10 days (I think).

cebu hilton

News of the next of many great things that has happened: The price of the vacation package that we were buying in order to get out of the thunderstorm in Manila dropped $1500.00 while we were waiting for the wheels of the adoption bureaucracy to turn. This trip was to fulfill our obligation to be in country with J before we have our official check-out. Sweet! Also the thunderstorms all cleared up (somehow) in the last 24 hours.

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Julius knows now

From the social worker in the Phlippines:

“Dear Sandy,

Our car could accomodate 8 person including the driver. How huge are your luggages? I dont think our car could accomodate u all including the luggages.

I already discussed this to Ms. MIla XXXXX, our Head Social Worker and she allow to use the service vehicle of RSCC to pick u up at the airport and drive u back in Manila. You just need to pay the gasoline and the toll fee. Is it okay with u if the center’s vehicle will be the one to use?

Yes, Julius is so excited to see u too when we broke to him the news.

Have a safe trip!


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