Springfield Tornado avoids Walter… barely

Kathy writes:

Hi, you probably have seen pictures on the news showing blown out windows at the Springfield College dormitories.  We have received many emails and phone calls so I thought I would send this out.

Walter was at the College when the tornado hit.  He said that he looked out the window and saw a tree falling and realized that he and his coworkers had to seek safe shelter. Many trees came down but fortunately, noone was hurt.  The campus is a mess.  Many very old trees are down.  Building damage was centered at the two dormitories.  He can’t get back on campus as everything is closed and classes are cancelled.

Today he is going to his office in W. Springfield that he uses for his private practice.  Typical of Walter, he has on his running shoes, because he thinks he will have to walk.  His office was a block from a seriously affected area.

There is an entire area of Springfield that is being bulldozed.  He is concerned because at least one of his clients lives in the area.

It’s humbling to realize how one minute can change so much of your life.  This tornado gave us first-hand experience of this.


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