Alligator Reef

Alligator Reef 04.jpg

Uncle Larry writes:

“1652 hrs Monday November 29, 2004

Hi Everyone,

I just returned from Mr. Lahteine’s funeral and thought I would put a picture to the rumors about our new boat. We purchased a 1989 fiberglass Grand Banks in September located in Newport, RI. The boat is a single engine 32 ft sedan model. At the present time the boat is in Fairhaven, MA at D.N.Kelley Shipyard. The diesel engine is being replace and then the boat will go to inside storage for the winter. We named the boat ALLIGATOR REEF after a lighthouse on the Florida Keys. All the boats we owned while Kate and Larry E. were growing up were named after Florida Key lighthouses. We first had TORTUGAS, then SAND KEY, and last AMERICAN SHOAL. The grandchildren have nicknamed this boat GATOR, because they can say that name. We are looking for a friendly Alligator to use as a mascot picture. We expect the boat to be docked in Newport near the pilot boats. Several pictures are attached.”

Best Regards, Uncle Larry

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