Travel Update from Uncle Larry

From Uncle Larry:

1412 hours Mountain time Friday

“Hi everyone,

We are stopped near Shelby ,Montana about 50 miles south of the Canadian Border where Route 15 intersects route 2 on the map. Amtrak does not own the tracks so they have to wait for the freight trains when necessary. The freight train ahead of us had a train car break a carrying bar which weights about 1000 lbs. The need to get the bar out of he way, move the car to a safe location, then let us pass them by. In the mean time Joe, Kathy, and Zellie have gone down for lunch(real nice food) and I’m writing to you from the cell tower connection at Shelby.

This is beautiful country. The best thing we have seen so far is the Glen Marshal Blackfoot Indian Reservation at the Glacier National Park. Excuse the joke, but know that the foliage was just great and the mountains(Rocky Mts) had snow on them. We took a lot of pictures from inside the train that came out great. We are having a great trip. But we did not win any money at Las Vegas. The scenery from the train is breath taking.

We are going to be delayed because of this freight car but no one knows for how long. We are taking picture of the sleeper car for my Mother to compare to the Chicago trips of he old day. We are very pleased with the trip so far. We are due in Chicago on Saturday at 1600 Hrs.

Love Harold”

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