Not another brick in the wall


Brick Walk Photo courtesy of summervillian

Hello everyone! I heard a rumor that Lilly and Gary bought the Palmer family a brick in the brick wall that the town of Falmouth is building at the end of the Falmouth Road Race. It was very generous of them. It will say “In honor of the Falmouth Palmer Family”. We should see it next summer.

Thanks Gary and Lilly! First one to find the brick wins a doughnut!

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5 Responses to Not another brick in the wall

  1. Uncle Don says:

    I bought one a couple months ago that says “The Palmer Clan” !! I guess we will have two bricks. Uncle Don.

  2. Kate says:

    Awesome! I didn’t know anything about the wall. Are we sure it is not a brick wall in front of Dunkin Donuts?

  3. Don III says:

    Two doughnuts

  4. Don III says:

    This may be a “walk” not a “wall”

  5. Andrea Verwys says:

    Are you sure these aren’t just the bricks in Grandpa’s walkway?

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