Margaret Scores!


From Uncle Mike:

“Margaret scored her first goal Sunday against Walpole. She is # 5 in the picture. She plays for the under 12 year old team of the Falmouth Pride. Falmouth Pride is an all girl’s hockey club playing games through out souteastern Mass. Being only 8 she is the youngest player on the team and one of the youngest in the league. Elizabeth is playing on the Pride house team this year, Next year she will move up with Margaret. The team is expecting big things from the Palmer duo in the future.”

Congratulations Margaret!

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5 Responses to Margaret Scores!

  1. Kathy W. says:

    Nice job Margaret!

  2. UNCLE LARRY says:

    Great picture. Go Margaret! I hope Nancy and Mike like spending time in the ice rinks because it looks like those places might be in their future.
    Love Uncle Larry

  3. Aunt Flora says:

    Way to go Margaret, as always you make us proud! With love, Aunt Flora

  4. Aunt Karen says:

    Way to go Margaret!! You have a lucky number 5. That was Jeff’s hockey number in high school! Wear it proud. love aunt Karen

  5. kate says:

    Great job Margaret! You are setting examples for my kids. They look up to you.

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