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This is a little bit late in Internet-time, but just for the record, Andrea writes:

Thank you to everyone who prayed for my dad yesterday! I am sorry I couldn’t call everyone back that called, thank you for checking in. Thank you to everyone who was at the hospital too! It meant a lot. Grace and Rita were taking naps all over the hospital waiting room in between Dora episodes, M & Ms and lattes for me. That was quite the adventure.

The surgery was delayed quite a bit due to complications of the guy before my dad (which made for a long day). The urologist said that the procedure on my dad was very standard and “to the books.” Not much blood. It took 3 1/2 hours!

I didn’t talk to my dad last night but I heard him in the background saying something about chicken broth. He was in and out of it. So he is doing fine. Will keep everyone posted. The results to see if it has spread or metastasized will be back later this week so please pray it hasn’t. Andrea

And since then, my dad reports that the pathology came back and indicated that the cancer did not appear to have spread. -Don III

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