Memorial Services for Nancy

From Uncle Mike via Uncle Larry:

Saturday: Family ceremony at the funeral home for the family only.

Sunday: Wake 4 to 8 PM at Chapman Cole and Gleason next to St. Patrick’s

Monday: Funeral 11 am, burial in West Barnstable

Monday: K of C hall in Falmouth.”

Cousin Larry adds:

“Please include on the post that anyone who needs assistance with travel arrangements or lodging should call me at 601-880-1472 or 508-833-2038. I have some experience in that field and I am happy to help.”

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One Response to Memorial Services for Nancy

  1. DJP3 says:

    Don, Sandy and Martha Patterson are arriving late into Boston on Saturday. We are renting a car and driving out to the Heights house. Lilly is dropping off a pack and play for us there. Then we are leaving Monday late afternoon. Thanks for all the offers of help while traveling. I think we are set. We are headed out to LAX shortly. Don’s cell is (two-zero-six)355-5863

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