Julius update

Quick update on Julius from Sandy:

” I took the kids to the beach today and Julius was just like a small child playing in the tidepools. He was so excited. He caught all these crabs and fish and put them in a bucket. He kept calling “mom” for me to come see his latest catch! We also played our beach paddle ball for awhile which was really fun. I don’t think the adult women play with them much, because he keeps looking at me funny when I ride razors, play at the beach, sit down and play with the toys, etc. I think he likes it, but it’s definitely a little unusual. Now they are upstairs playing matchbox cars. He is talking more every day. He even spelled America for Theo when Theo asked me how to spell it! He is starting to repeat little phrases we use like “Oh my goodness.” and “sorry, my fault!” It’s fun to hear him trying them out. I am glad he is feeling safe enough to do that. Please keep praying because I can see the answers every hour! … Julius is really sweet with the girls, though. Carries things for them, says, “martha, Martha” when she is crying and tries to play peek-a-boo with her. He also made peace between Joy and Theo several times this morning and later, Joy said, “He is a really nice boy.”

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  1. Kate says:

    You got me, I’m crying.

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