Quick Julius Update

The adoption process is going well, but slowly. We have submitted volumes of documents to the Philippines and are waiting to be told that we have been “matched” with Julius. At that point the process goes to Homeland Security for visas. We hope that he will be here by the start of school next year. A social worker from International Christian Adoptions went to the Philippines and told us that Julius definitely knows what is happening and that there is a PeaceCorps volunteer in his orphanage who is very excited for him (and 3 other kids from the same program who are being adopted) and is helping him with English.

If you ever want to maintain privacy over your personal information, don’t adopt anyone, on the other hand if you want to spend tons of money – it’s an easy way to do it. (hahahaha)


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3 Responses to Quick Julius Update

  1. Aunt Kathy says:

    Don and Sandy, Good luck with everything. I am looking forward to meeting my new nephew! Aunt Kathy

  2. Mike Fredericks says:

    Yes, good luck with everything! If all goes as planned, Julius will have hit the adoption lottery! I can’t imagine a more caring place for him to be than in your home. Thanks for the update.
    Best wishes,

  3. Elizabeth Palmer says:

    wooo finaly there might be someone in our family the is our age(other than my sister but that doesnt count)!
    best of wishes,

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