Update on Uncle Mike 5

From Uncle Larry:
2:26 PM Tuesday June 24, 2003

Mike and Nancy just left the house here at 38 Twin Hill Road. The long term outlook for recovery is good. The short term news is bad.
The biopsy from last week confirms cancer. Large cell cancer.
Please do not call the house. Mike and Nancy know that everyone is concerned but they have a lot to deal with in a short period of time. They ask that you do not call the house until the weekend.
Right now they are headed down to Town Hall and then over to Nana’s house to tell Mom and Dad the bad news.
On Thursday, Mike has to go back to Boston and have another P.E.T. scan. At that time he will meet with the Surgeon who will remove the mass. They have told him that they think they can get it all and it has not spread. We do not know if the negative report from the DR in Falmouth last year was inaccurate or the mass turned to cancer during the year. They will ask that question later. The news came down to him today as he was getting ready to leave the hospital with Nancy. They had already met with the team of Doctors that did the procedure last night. Last night they did not find any additional infection behind the mass. They opened the airway and removed more of the mass. How much remains now is not known to us.
That’s about it. If anyone needs to talk they can call me or Flora. Try to observe Nancy and Mike’s request that no one call until this weekend.
Best Regards, Larry

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