Welcome Audrey Patterson!


Brian writes:
Audrey Renee Patterson was born March 17, 2004 at
12:25pm. She weighs in at 6 pounds 7 ounces.
19inches in length. We’ll get more info out once we
get a little sleep.

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5 Responses to Welcome Audrey Patterson!

  1. Uncle Larry says:

    Fantastic. Great picture. Great name. Congradulations again Grandpa Don.
    Love Uncle Larry

  2. Aunt Flora says:

    Audrey has the famous “Palmer mouth”. She is a little vision of loveliness!! Love to the happy family, Aunt Flora

  3. Aunt Kathy says:

    She is beautiful. Although I was disappointed that her name isn’t Patricia (given the date of birth) Audrey is a lovely name. My best to you all. Aunt Kathy

  4. Don III says:

    Although, Patty Patterson might have caused her some trouble in elementary school….

  5. kate says:

    I LOVE her name! Congratulations! Lilly, this might be Alayna’s ticket to being Nana’s favorite grandchild-a great grandchild on St. Patricks Day.

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